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Today, I  received an advance notice from CDNow.com or CDUniverse (can't
remember  which at the moment) that they are taking preorders for a
French Oils CD  entitled simply "Les Indespensables".  Unfortnately, the
store had no  other information, other than a US price of $10.95.  Any
idea what  this is?  It sounds like another "best of" comp.
Looks like a best of. Here's the track list from Amazon France.
1. Blue Sky Mine
2. The Dead Heart
3. Sometimes
4. Burnie
5.  Brave Faces
6. Only The Strong
7. Bells And Horns In The Back Of  Beyond
8. Jimmy Sharman's Boxers
9. Progress
10. Antarctica
11. Bushfire
12. My Country
13.  Underwater
14. Safety Chain Blues
15. Redneck  Wonderland
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