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[Powderworks] NMOC: is he a good man

ribman at manthey.com.au ribman at manthey.com.au
Thu Apr 15 18:39:23 MDT 2004

incidentally, it feel that it is obligatory for me to declare my own 
foundational assumptions, so that no-one is misled by my words in 
previous and future posts, and thinks otherwise ... i assume the 
christian tenets so far as they are generally presented by the common 
church to be acceptably plausible and worthwhile to act upon, and 
hence i am in fact classifiable as a 'born-again christian'.  i do however 
attempt to divorce that framework from my philosophic argumentation, 
so that i may discuss sundry topics from a minimally-biassed position 
(one would wish it to be impartial, but that's absurd).
glad to engage in assorted discussion on this, but again ... don't clog 
the list (reply to me, not the list) ... NMOC list evangelism (of any 
creed) is intensely boring to some people who subscribe on the basis of 
there being some MOC in mails.

my own beard has been once described as 'the manthey curtain' as it 
grew entirely under-chin at the time (15 years ago ... no longer the 

rob manthey