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[Powderworks] lyrics help? - has become NMOC by now

Bruce Robertson the_oil_fish at yahoo.ca
Wed Apr 14 12:12:29 MDT 2004

Agreed. If God is a man of any sort - male, female, or gender neutral, than by god we are in big trouble.
BTW what is 'gender neutral man?' Sounds somewhat Michael Jacksonish...
Back to work. To think I've been wasting so much time working when I could have been procrastinating. Yes, fellow students, it is that time of year again, isn't it?
Hang in there,
bruce in calgary

Mathias Hermansson <hermanator51 at hotmail.com> wrote:
Close but no cigarr, Beth!

Even that way I don't think it does justice to the great divine. The 
gender-neutral word "man" does imply the meaning "mankind" which would make 
the lyrics say that God was a good being of mankind. I don't like to think 
that God is of mankind. He/She must, IMHO, be of another kind, otherwise God 
would not be Divine/Holy/God but just some big boss...

I Ould not agree the God is a good MAN or for that sake a good WOMAN but 
rather God is a good GOD!

/Herman - son of a daughter of a preacherman

>Well, the word "man" does have a gender-neutral meaning when used as an
>abstract pronoun, though admittedly it's not much used that way nowadays
>- But the gender-neutral usage of "man" also pops up in Renaissance Man,
>even if they did toss in a "woman" there at the end to sorta even things
>out. - Beth
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>I guess that's why I never much liked MTM; I resist the idea of God as a
>man, and when I first heard this song as a kid was incapable of
>understanding irony, sarcasm, satire, or however else you might
>interpret this lyric. Never much liked it since. Time for another
>this time with "grown up" ears.
>Thanks to all who helped on the Phar Lap thing. I knew Phar Lap was a
>racehorse and always wondered how or why he would be floating in a jar;
>thought maybe phar lap meant something different in this context.
>got your last meal filled up with pesticide
>hamburger chain third world infanticide
>got robot car your job will disappear
>it's called the politics of a brand new year
>some say that's progress i say that's cruel
>--midnight oil
> > That would be way better, a great lyric and idea. "Everybody say God
> > a good man" means arrogant presumption on the part of people to even
> > assume that God is a man. And in that light, the lyric "Is he his own
> > man?" (as opposed to being the "man" some people presume "he" is) is
> > brilliant. I hope it's what they meant.
> >
> > -Jim
> >
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> > On Apr 11, 2004, at 8:15 PM, Andy Gillcrist wrote:
> >
> >>
> >>
> >>> 1. Reckon it still is "Is he a Soul Man" on the original CD
> >>
> >> To me, this has always sounded like "Is he his own man?" And I
> >> even thought I saw that written down somewhere, but I'm damned
> >> if I can remember where now.
> >>
> >> Andy
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