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[Powderworks] NMOC: Looking for new Aussie music

j p niven poppycocteau@flashmail.com
Sat, 27 Sep 2003 20:03:27 -0700

Hi Heidi - a chap called Craig Latham does a good show called Nothing 
Happening, he focuses a lot on underground Australian and New Zealand 
music. Here's the link to his past setlists:
you might find a few ideas there.

When I had a rock show [a few months ago] I interviewed a new 
Australian band called Lout, their site is at http://www.lout.cjb.net 
. I do a folk show now, and some Aussie artists I've played on it are 
the Dirty Three, Xavier Rudd, Kristina Olsen and David Bridie.

Good luck :)

>Hey guys,
>The radio station that I'm a jock for wants me to do an Aussie Rock 
>hour.  I've already got quite a bit of material, but a lot of it 
>isn't very new.  Do any of you have any suggestions for any good 
>Australian bands/artists (aside from the very obvious :) )?  I'll 
>take suggestions for new or old, but I'm preferably wanting to know 
>about new and upcoming artists in Australia.  Thanks in advance! :)