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[Powderworks] Re: Breathe as an EP

Graeme Qewe mortenwebstar2@hotmail.com
Sat, 27 Sep 2003 22:34:48 +0000

Well, Mike tastes vary, and no one will fully agree on what the best Oils 
tracks on Breathe are.
For instance I too was very disapointed with Breathe when I first heard it 
back in 1996, and didnt like it for some time. But after millions of 
listenings (well, almost) I found it to be great in it's own way, and if one 
just took what the album had to give, then one would recieve a lot.

Ok, fair it's not my favourite either, but it isn't their worst. And to me 
all of the songs has good qualities (with the possible exception of "Home". 
The songs you picked were however among my favourites on there too. But 
Common Ground and Star Of Hope are equally as good as your choices, and most 
of the remaining tracks are almost equally as good too. And as the albums' 
songs sounds good together in their order, I'll prefer to hear the CD as one 
at any time.

But I will give you this: Smash The Wobbleboard is a great Oils song, and 
the other b-side I'll See You is good too.


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[Powderworks] Breathe as an EP

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Sat, 27 Sep 2003 09:09:12 -0230 (NDT)

Want to have an awesome Breathe-era Oils disk, but were soundly
disappointed with most of Breathe?  Burn off the following "Breathe EP",
as I did yesterday!  I took the 3 Breathe tracks that I felt were totally
successful (if poorly produced), plus the one great Breathe b-side, and
Gravelrash just to keep the closing tracks the same between album and

Mike's "Breathe EP"
1) E-Beat
2) Bring On The Change
3) Barest Degree
4) Smash The Wobbleboard
5) Gravelrash

All 5 tracks are inescapably "Breathe-y", but avoid the "spoiling touch"
that TO ME seem to cripple the other potentially great Breathe tracks (ie
Peter doing ill-advised vocal contortions on some tracks <he should leave
the falsettos to Bono!>, exceedingly bland production, god-awful country
flourishes, tepid rhythm sections, etc).  Also, according to the survey
done on Powderworks ages ago, the 1st 3 tracks on my "EP" are by far the
most universally liked on Breathe (check out the Dead Heart website for
more survey results), so I doubt my tracklisting is off-base in terms of
whether it would have been well-recieved as an official EP.

Also, the 5 tracks seem to flow realy well in the above order.

Pointless post on my part?  Probably.  But I'm at work 45 minutes early
and killing time....  ;-)


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