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Interesting... having lived in the Soviet Union all my life I never heard the
term... who was it coined by and what does it refer to?  I do remember the
period very, very vividly, though (was 21-22 then): there you are sitting in a
movie theater during the day, and the lights come up and all exits are blocked
and some special units move in to check everybody's reasons for not being at
work during business hours, and taking away those who did not sound convincing
or had no excuse...  Andropov had been head of the KGB for many years before
he was elected to succeed Brezhnev, and hence these methods of his to
discipline people.  I don't recall any resemblance of discussion in the
post-Soviet media with regard to the reasons of his passing.  It is known for
a fact that Andropov was a very sick man even before he took charge of the
country.  It is widely believed, though, that Andropov's attempts to bring
some order to the country predated many components of Gorbachov's internal
policies aimed at reviving initiative, etc.  The message being, he used tough
techniques just because he did not know any other.

>It's "Andropovosphere" and it refers to a Yuri Andropov, very briefly the 
>leader of the Soviet Union in the 1980s prior to the Glasnost of Gorbachev

>and the collapse of communist rule.  As I recall, Andropov was very 
>reclusive and very possibly murdered, given the length of his tenure.
>At 12:31 PM 9/24/03 -1000, you wrote:
>>i am loathe to ask, because i know somewhere in the powdies deep dark
>>this subject was covered, but does anyone know to what the
>>"androporosphere" refers?
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