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Kate Parker Adams kate@dnki.net
Thu, 18 Sep 2003 07:46:34 -0400

She of the 10+ bicycle household ain't gonna throw stones.

At 06:36 AM 9/18/03 +0000, Mathias Hermansson wrote:
>Anyone else but me thinking "This guy makes far too much money!" at this 
>moment? :-)
>/Herman - proud owner of ONE (1) CD-player...
>>Wow... 15 discs!  I am just floored by the effort that went
>>into this project.
>>I started thinking about all my various CD players and
>>wondering if I could have them all playing these discs
>>simultaneously.  And the result is that I have a few more
>>CD players than I realized!  Check this out:
>>My primary stereo in the house has one.  The clock radio
>>by my bed has one (2).  My DVD player (3) and PlayStation
>>(4) both play CDs.
>>The boombox in my shop (5), the one in my wife's office (6),
>>and the ones in each of my kids' bedrooms (8).  My daugh-
>>ter's Barbie(tm) Karaoke player (9), though I'd have to
>>abscond with it when she's not looking.  My portable CD/MP3
>>player (10).  Each of my five computers has at least one
>>CD drive (15), except one's in Singapore at the moment (14).
>>And finally, each of my cars has one (17).
>>Oh, and the one at the store (18).
>>Now the player in my primary stereo is a 5-disc carousel,
>>and two of my cars have 6-disc changers, so technically,
>>I can have 32 Oils discs either playing or ready to play.  But
>>let's not get technical, I think 18 is enough, don't you?
>>It's a good start, at least.
>>Wow... surrounded by Oils music wherever I go... what a
>>wonderful world this is!
>>Rock on,
>>         Andy
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