Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Seeking Oilish Music With A Conscience

Andy Gillcrist andrewg@nwlink.com
Wed, 10 Sep 2003 09:14:49 -0700

Hey all,

I've been meaning to put a plug for Indigo Girls on this thread.  They're
two women from Atlanta with guitars (and a backup band) whose music
is more folk-rock than most of the artists' mentioned here, so in that
sense they're somewhat less Oilish than others, but they sing about a
lot of the same things and are strong activists and supporters of many
of the same causes.

Fine guitar playing, airtight harmonies, songs that stick with you and
make you think.  And some of their songs are within the grasp, almost,
of newbie guitarists like myself.  Let me list a few of my faves:

   Closer to Fine, Tried to be True, Land of Canaan, Strange Fire,
   Make it Easier, World Falls, Hand Me Downs, Galileo, Joking,
   Jonas & Ezekial, Chickenman, Power of Two, Shed Your Skin

It would be difficult to recommend just one of their albums, so go for
their double live compilation 1200 Curfews.  Some of the tracks are
from the Metro in Chicago, where the Oils played so memorably in '96.
And guess which band followed the Oils at the Taste of Chicago 2002?
Yep, Indigo Girls.  (Did anyone tape them?)  B-52's were there also.

Check these out:

  (... keep clicking the "next" arrow to see more pix)

  (... more bands need statements like this)

... and the rest of http://www.indigogirls.com for discography, song
samples, more photos, activism resources, etc.

Rock on,