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[Powderworks] Seeking Oilish Music With A Conscience

Anna Offler aoffler@iprimus.com.au
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Not I dont think it was the same in Australia Bjorn. Everybodys In Showbiz
was the album I meant . Bought it on vinyl at release . Long since gone
scratched to death. Only wish I kept it. Muswell Hillbillies had a lot of
the same songs like Alcohol and Holiday, it would appear they possibly
released different tracks on Everybodys In Showbiz in Australia instead of
both albums. eg The Kinks Web Site http://kinks.it.rit.edu/ mentions Lola
but dont remember that on Showbiz, only had it on single earlier release.
Dont remember them releasing Muswell here. Which would make sense as the Oz
market is not big enough for 2 albums with lots of the same songs released
close to each other. They were'nt big here album wise at the time. Lola
didnt get much airplay for various reasons including a temporary ban on
radio playlists by the musicians union over Aust artist royalties and of
course the sexual inferences. However it did become a cult classic. Any
other Oz Kinks fans might be able to clarify releases here.
Lew and Anna

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> Someone mentioned the Kinks - All God's Children - Bside to
> Lola Everybody's A Star album eg Complicated Life. Ray is
> just brilliant. Starting from the earlier songs like Waterloo
> Sunset, Deadend Street and Well Respected Man. Proved that
> Rock can be more than just love songs.

Well, "Complicated Life" is from the Muswell Hillbillies album (1971),
which I did mention...

Anyway it's great to see that there are more Kinks fans among us
Powderworks, though I'm not surprised! If you love Midnight Oil and The
Kinks, you have good taste in music!
So I agree with you, Michael:

>One of the things I love about this list is how everyone's
reccommendations fall in line with >my own and reinforce the sense that
I DO have good taste in music!

>Some of the reccomendations here - Bruce Cockburn, Dylan, Kinks -
Everyone esle has already >given my major suggestions.

You're welcome.


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