Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] NMOC: Workers Jobs

Rhonda kayak at sympatico.ca
Fri Oct 31 23:18:35 MST 2003

Guess I'll chip in, though I'm not in the elite astrophysicists' club!

I'm the website designer for  the education division of a large
children's publishing company, and very much enjoying the job ...I like
the creativity, and that they pretty much give me free rein to design as
I please...within their corporate guidelines that come down from On
High, of course.  I also like that they just got me a brand-new
screaming dual-processor G4 to do this with (make Tim Allen-esque grunts
here).  Also do some freelance graphic design work  - mostly band
posters, cd artwork, and the like...my current side project is a website
for a local environmental organization.

I'm also halfway through a masters degree in environmental studies, with
focus on wildlife ecology and conservation, for which I definitely give
partial credit to the Oils for the inspiration.  Did my B.A. in
anthropology back in 1994 and two years later became a mom of twin girls
so that's my "other" career...the one that goes 24/7.

Hoping to someday run a wildlife rehabilitation centre and produce
educational multimedia CDs for children on ecological issues....in the
meantime, my main goal is just to keep my sanity!

Worst job?  Hmmmm....can't say that any were all that horrible.  I've
also sold shoes (my first job in high school), customer service at a
paint company, managed an apartment complex, secretary & computer tax
returns at an accounting firm, insurance clerk for a car company (ok,
that was probably the crappiest one), and most recently before my
current job, worked for a rock band.