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Kate Parker Adams kate at dnki.net
Fri Oct 31 20:15:36 MST 2003

Where to start ...

I graduated with an engineering degree from MIT and went to work for a 
multinational consulting firm - consulting being the intellectual's oldest 
profession, ahem.

I considered going into medicine when I was laid off from that job, but my 
interests in social justice activism imploded with those interests and I 
ended up in public health.  I also got taken under wing by some good people 
who recognized me as one of their own.

I have been studying and working in environmental health for nearly a 
decade while birthing and growing my family.  I finished my course work 
last spring.

Right now I work part-time doing asthma studies at Harvard, I do freelance 
multi-disciplinary research for clients like journos and state government 
agencies, and I also research and write environmental policy stuff for the 
Lowell Center for Sustainable Production on the side.  I'm in the process 
of wrapping up most of the side stuff and the Harvard job. I wrote a grant 
last spring for my dissertation work at UMass Lowell.  The CDC (Centers for 
Disease Control) decided to give me money to chase my crazy idea to create 
an entirely new paradigm of linking environmental exposures and 
diseases.  In other words, I am about to become a full-time graduate 
student and FINALLY finish my PhD in environmental epidemiology.

Hmmm ... I could fairly honestly say that I can blame Powderworks and at 
least one Oil for sending activists to the list.  This resulted in certain 
connections that led me to activist frustrations and a flash of insight 
that created that successful grant application, but that's a long story in 
and of itself ...  Andrew isn't the only one so moved!

As the Oils sing "Lives go forward if we listen to our hearts speak" 
(E-Beat)  Chasing my dreams and following my heart has taken me far further 
than calculating my next career move ever did!

Kate Parker Adams
kate at dnki.net
"She's gonna dream up the world she wants to live in,
She's gonna dream out loud" - U2 (Zooropa)
go Out Of Mind ... http://www.dnki.net/blog
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