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[Powderworks] Worker jobs

Andrew & Leisa Durick aldurick at zygo.com.au
Fri Oct 31 18:31:52 MST 2003

I'll fess up too......

My degree is in environmental engineering, and I am currently a groundwater
modeller, so like Geordie - I know a bit about hydrogeology.  Unlike Geordie
who deals with remediation, I mostly deal with the allocation of the
resource (for sustainability of course!). I am also in the last throws of a
Masters in Applied Science (Computational Maths) which is about
understanding the tools I use so I can use them better.

My hobby is amatuer astronomy and my dream job would be to run a public
observatory and open up the wonders of the universe to all who attend.  I'm
not particularly into the high level science of all the astrophysicists on
the list, rather I like the contemplation of what is out there and having an
appreciation of the true vastness of the universe and the reality of our
place within it.