Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Worker jobs

Mathias Hermansson hermanator51 at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 31 08:09:18 MST 2003


Thatz Rajt!!! U Hurd mi rajt suckaz' I done graduated. I have an M.SC in 
Physics and right now i'm working at a hospital helping people to handle 
their computers and other kinds of really boring, uninteresting and not very 
challenging work. No promblem though, I am soon gonna be thrown out of here 
(we all are, no money left for hospitals these days, you'd better not live 
in Gothenburg and get sick because we don't have any resources left to take 
care of you), so what I will be doing next year - I don't have a clue. Can 
being e freak count as a full time job? Will anyone pay me for that?

Another idea came from a friend of mine yeaterday: "We can move to Ireland, 
live in Kilkenny and start a pub where we sell Falcon Bayerskt" (to all 
non-swedish workers: "Falcon Bayerskt" is one of the most tasteless of all 
testeless Swedish beer-brands there are.)

Have a nice All-Saints Day Weekend! (I REFUSE to wish you a nice Helloween 
because I am a bit against the trend we see here where the American 
Helloween masks and all the other attributes are just taking over the place 
and our own traditional celebrating of All-Saints Day where we light 
solemnly burning candles on the graves of our passed-on friends and 
relatives is soon forgotten. Sigh.)


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