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[Powderworks] Question about Mitsui CD-Rs

Alister Thomas a_thomas at bigpond.net.au
Wed Oct 29 23:24:53 MST 2003

Hi all

Following on from my posts earlier in the month whereby I said I'd found a 
place here in Melbourne that sells Mitsuis wholesale, I've been reliably 
informed that the CD-Rs I bought may not actually be Mitsuis. Reason being 
because they don't have 'Mitsui' clearly printed on the inner ring. I've 
done a little research on this, and it seems that some believe Mitsui are, 
indeed, manufacturing their discs in Taiwan.

This leads me to have concerns about the media I'm sending to people on 
this and other lists. Does anyone have any further information whereby I 
can somehow verify the media I have bought to see if it's legit?? (or any 
info at all would be appreciated!).

I'd be most disappointed to discover that the media I've been buying are 
inferior product. If that be the case, my search for quality Japanese-made 
CD-R media continues!

Just used the 'Display CD-R information' tool in EAC to get a status-check 
on my Mitsuis and got the following:

CD Manufacturer:  Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
Write Strategy:  Type 6 (Phtalocyanine - gold)

I don't have any other types of Mitsui, so compared the above with some 
Taiyo-Yuden 'That's CD-R' discs I recently received:

CD Manufacturer: Taiyo Yuden Company Limited
Write Strategy: Type 1 (Cyanine - blue/green)

Does any of this mean anything to anybody on the list 'in the know'??

I'd be most appreciative/grateful for any comments on the above :))
Thanks (in advance)