Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] LMOC: World Cup

Rich Karakoudas barakouda@adelphia.net
Fri, 3 Oct 2003 18:41:19 -0400

I think the world cup and Women's Soccer has made it to the point all the
games are broadcast and sports editions on the news actually give results.
Not to forget, great soccer. I was watching the USA beat Norway the other
night and it brought back memories of the Olympics. Sorry Aussies for
bringing that up, but I was at the Gold medal match at the then SFS. Norway
scored literaly to tie in the dying seconds and then won in OT.

I was living in Sydney at the time, hello fellow Sydneysiders!, and I had a
great time busting all the yanks chops at the match before it started. MO
and Yothu Yindi had some Videos on the big sreen and I was explainging to
the surrounding Yanks  who and what they were all about. I said if you want
to know Australia, you should know these musicians. Most all looked at me
like I was insane. Several people say they loved Australia and after asking
where else they were going they said the blue mountains. OY! One couple knew
Midnight Oil after I said, groan, Beds?

Back to the cup, that match and the current cup is a showcase for women's
soccer. Now don't ask me questions and get me to start a rant about women's
rugby in Australia. In A World Cup year the ARU cut funding for the Aussie
women. grrrrr!

As to the Rugby World Cup, hey gang, I will be in Sydney the 1st through the
23rd. I have tix to the semi's and grand final. See ya'll and the Wallabies
there! Unfortunatly I will miss the opening gig and I hear their will be
some musicians there. Maybe a sneak appearance by MO or some members?

Love to the PowderWorks nation!
Rich Karakoudas
still alive