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[Powderworks] NMOC: World Cup

steven moore smmmdpowderworks@hotmail.com
Fri, 03 Oct 2003 10:30:20 -0700

Very different World Cups, but interesting how different sports catch on in 
different places.  Women's team sports have continued to get more attention 
HITS, and the US Women's Soccer team are the media darlings.  And now with 
Norway and China both out, a repeatof their success 4 years ago seems pretty 

Meanwhile, rugby remains one of the kings of world sport, and right now 
worldwide I'd guess the words "World Cup" would cause visions of the All 
Blacks before Mia Hamm.  In the US rugby remains more associated with the 
words "rugby shirt", visions of prep school boys wanting to be tough, and 
that funny game that we turned into football, rather than with international 

I'm jealous of Brian and the TV One unlimited coverage.  I'll be lucky if I 
catch any of the games here, maybe on BBC World.


>From: Kate Parker Adams <kate@dnki.net>
>To: suncrush@lycos.com, powderworks@cs.colorado.edu
>Subject: Re: [Powderworks] NMOC: World Cup
>Date: Fri, 03 Oct 2003 09:15:43 -0400
>Actually, the World Cup started weeks ago and is now on to the higher 
>rounds.  The USA dropped Norway 1-0 a couple days ago.  I didn't see it, 
>but I hear North Korea knocked out China.  Defections anyone?
>Women's soccer can be fun to watch too!   With any luck, Nomar and Mia 
>won't get together anytime soon ... GO USA YOU GO GRRRLS!
>At 02:56 PM 10/3/2003 +1200, Brian Jacobs wrote:
>>So, the World Cup starts this week.  Go Australia!
>>Quarterfinalists will include:
>>South Africa
>>Scotland (maybe Fiji)
>>New Zealand
>>Wales (hopefully Canada)
>>Ireland (but watch out for Argentina!)
>>The winner of the NZ/Aus semi will win the tournament.  If they don't, I 
>>hope the cup goes to France, but it will probably be England.
>>Also, I'm picking the USA to win one match: over Japan.
>>And, NZ's TV One is showing all 48 matches on free-to-air!  Glee!
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