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[Powderworks] LMOC: The Danish Commission on Scientific Dishonesty and Bjorn Lom

Graeme Qewe mortenwebstar2 at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 24 10:48:49 MST 2003

Not quite true, although I wish it was. And it would be wrong to say, that 
he was driven out by the commisson, far from it! After this commisson 
criticed Bjørn Lomborg's work, the papers were full of leaders and reader's 
letters. Not against Bjørn, but against the commisson, that they were out of 
their area, and had no knowledge on this issue. And it was almost mass 
rioting atmosphere in the papers, media and parlament (as long as the three 
leading parties support him, he will have faithful support there).
So that's how it is. Did he really talk to PG? That could have been so funny 
to watch, I hope PG smacked the little creep(!!)

GQ, Odense - Denmark

>...not many are proud of him In Danmark!
>Copenhagen, Denmark
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>>Hi dudes and dudettes,
>>I ran across this bit on the Union of Concerned Scientists Website.  Very 
>>interesting indeed.
>>As you may recall, Bjorn Lomborg went nose to nose with PG on Aussie 60 
>>Minutes late last year (as opposed to his usual nose-to-tail position with 
>>industry ...)  Seems the little "Skeptical Environmentalist" left Denmark 
>>for a reason - an official commission found his work to be scientifically 
>>disingenuous to say the least!
>>Anyway, enjoy this summary link 

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