Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Good Times In Melbourne Town (NMOC)

[name removed] damienwieland at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 23 23:39:26 MST 2003

  What a great weekend, went to see legendary
Aus/Blues/ Reggee band Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons
on friday night (it was the first time they have played or
toured in 22 years!) and they were fucking amazing!!!!
It was as good as an Oils show (and i don't think i have
ever seen a band live that are even close before). Then
on Saturday night i went to see Jello Biafra at one of his
spoken word shows and that was really something else
too (though usually four hours of hearing how bad the
US, Aus and English governments are behaving would
normally be hard to take, Jello was very funny and
insightful and really practical in his approach). Anyway
i know we no longer have Oils though if you are lucky
you can still have a weekend of entertainment now
and then that's almost as good!.

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