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SV: [Powderworks] Re: 10 year anniversary (Gothenburg song list)

Bjorn Blomquist bjorn.blomquist at mbox301.swipnet.se
Thu Nov 20 05:58:49 MST 2003

I've got the song list written down somewhere, but I won't bother
looking for it now...
I definitely don't remember the order, so I trust your memory. But
actually I don't think they played "Progress". They sure played
"Hercules" at the end, but I don't remember "Progress". On the other
hand, I can't recall them playing "Tell me the truth" either...

Herman wrote: 
> Umm, I am completely sure that the 18 songs listed in my 
> setlist were the 
> ones that were played. The order in which they were played is 
> a bitt more 
> fuzzy though. (Non-Gothenburg workers can stop reading here...)
> They started with:
> Feeding Frenzy
> Dreamworld
> Put down that weapon
> Blue Sky Mine
> King of the Mountain
> Tell me the truth
> Truganini
> and so far I am 100%. Then came the following five songs:
> Warakurna
> My Country
> In the Valley
> Sell My Soul
> Progress
> in about that order. Some variations are possible though. 
> They ended the set 
> with:
> Beds Are Burning
> Forgotten Years
> and then there was the encore including the four songs:
> The Dead Heart
> Now or Never Land
> Power and the Passion
> Hercules
> and if you say that NoNL was the last tune but I say well, 
> maybe the last 
> but one, since I remember walking down the Avenue afterwards 
> having the the 
> line "Here comes our Hercules, here comes our 
> SUUUUUUUBMarines!" ringing in 
> my ears. But I do remember that they sure did NoNL very good, 
> and quite a 
> long version as well. Maybe you are right and I am wrong. Or 
> else maybe you 
> are wrong and then I am right!!! :-)
> /Herman - who also got the Beautiful Black and yellow tour t-shirt