Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Re: 10 year anniversary

Mathias Hermansson hermanator51 at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 19 22:42:29 MST 2003

Umm, I am completely sure that the 18 songs listed in my setlist were the 
ones that were played. The order in which they were played is a bitt more 
fuzzy though. (Non-Gothenburg workers can stop reading here...)

They started with:

Feeding Frenzy
Put down that weapon
Blue Sky Mine
King of the Mountain
Tell me the truth

and so far I am 100%. Then came the following five songs:

My Country
In the Valley
Sell My Soul

in about that order. Some variations are possible though. They ended the set 

Beds Are Burning
Forgotten Years

and then there was the encore including the four songs:

The Dead Heart
Now or Never Land
Power and the Passion

and if you say that NoNL was the last tune but I say well, maybe the last 
but one, since I remember walking down the Avenue afterwards having the the 
line "Here comes our Hercules, here comes our SUUUUUUUBMarines!" ringing in 
my ears. But I do remember that they sure did NoNL very good, and quite a 
long version as well. Maybe you are right and I am wrong. Or else maybe you 
are wrong and then I am right!!! :-)

/Herman - who also got the Beautiful Black and yellow tour t-shirt

>Aye, I was there too! And I bought the tour T-shirt as well, the black one 
>with a big sun on. Also ripped down a concert poster afterwards, that's 
>hanging on my wall still today. One of three Oils concerts for me, saw them 
>90 in Göteborg and 94 in Hultsfred too. I'm impressed that you remember the 
>set list, I can't. But how certain are you of the order of the songs? As I 
>remember it they finished with the last song of the last album - Now or 
>Never Land - which I by some reason feared was a hidden farewell message. 
>Luckily I was wrong that time. I might very well be wrong also about this, 
>but it's always fun to see how good (or bad) your memory is.
>BTW, I was 18 at that time.
>Cheers, Fredrik
> > Today is the 19th of november 2003, and what is so special about that?
> > Well, today is the 10 year anniversary of me seeing the Oils live for 
> > first time. It is also the ten year anniversary of my latest (last?) 
>Oils show.
> > /Herman

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