Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Oils for U2 bootleg trade!

Mike Blackwood mikeb at cs.mun.ca
Wed Nov 5 12:39:48 MST 2003

Hey, gang... I know there are some serious U2 fans here amongst the 
Oil-heads, and this post is for them!  My buddy and his wife a major U2 
fans, but have NO bootleg collection.  I'd like to get them a few U2 CDRs 
for Christmas, and will offer one-for-one trades from my bootleg 
collection.  Specifically, I'm looking for unreleased tracks, demo 
sessions, etc.  Their favorite albums are Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby, so 
rarities from those eras are the ones I'm most interested in.  Anyway, the 
main factors are rarity and "listenability", ie sound quality.  You know 
your bootleg collections best, so make recommendations!

If you're intersted, please reply off-list and I can e-mail you my bootleg 

hold together,
Mike "Elixir" Blackwood