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[Powderworks] powerful job

jen.davies at att.net jen.davies at att.net
Sat Nov 1 14:27:43 MST 2003

Fellow 'Workers, 

It's been so fascinating reading about the myriad jobs folks who are drawn to 
the Oils find themsleves working that I had to write too.  Just like I'm 
always intrigued by people who grew up landlocked and have an affinity for 
the ocean I've been reading with surprise how many of you work for big 
corporations.  Don't get me wrong, thoughtful people working for some of 
these soul-eating monsters may be the check needed to keep them in balance, 
or at least from going way over the top!

I've grown up in the not-for-profit world and have worked there all my life, 
with the exception of a retail mis-step during my teenage year!  Hey, what 
girl doesn't want cool, cheap clothing??!!

I have a college degree in natural resource management but learned heaps more 
in living my life!  I was 5 when my mom took a job at a just-opened aquarium 
in New Engalnd and spent the next 19 years hanging out, volunteering and then 
working.  It was there I saw the power of experiential education...most of 
the visitors had never seen a seal, sea lion, penguin, dolphin or shark up 
close, and in experiencing these amazing creatures developed a new 
understanding and appreciation for them and their needs.

I now live in the Mid-West and work with birds of prey.  Same powerful 
connections happening!  We breed and release species of concern (we have a 
young Andean condor who is waiting on the Argentine government for release in 
that country), rehabilitate birds and have held 1006 programs in the past 12 
months to almost 530,000 people.  Knowing that owls eat mice is very 
different than having one fly silently over your head and learning that one 
barn owl can eat 2,000 mice in a year!

I've never been under the illusion that I'd be rich.  I quit my full time job 
(teaching in the inner city for the botanical garden in our town)  when I had 
my son-he's the single most important job I will ever hold!- and while money 
may be tight, at least my husband and I know that we, not someone we paid, 
got to witness his first steps, words and jokes!

My current job for the sanctuary (tracking donations and membership) is my 
least favorite so far, but the trade off is I get to do it from home, and I 
also still get to work with birds and people.  Monday I get to introduce a 
group of 3 to 6 year olds to Acorn the screech owl and know that they will 
remember that experience and it may affect how they grow up, too!

So, to keep this line of thought going, how many of you volunteer?  And if 
your ever in St. Louis in January or February and want to go eagle watching, 
look me up!

Jennifer Davies