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Well, I will share what I do.  I am not a physicist, or scientist.  I did go to college, and only few courses away from graduating.  I majored in Aviation Flight Management, have pilot license commercial/IFR and was a Certified Flight Instructor.  I have about 500 hours of single engine flight time.  However when I got pregnant with my now 12 year old daughter, I had to leave that field and my studies (also because of lack of funds).  I wanted to be an airline pilot, but after many years of studying, I realized that I still had much more flight training to do, which I could not afford at all.  It is extremely expensive.

So currently I am working in the office.  I am working in a credit department of a local distribution company.  My job is to reconcile incoming payments, and contact businesses if they are past due.  I however took this job to the next level, and my accounts are now all clened up.  It's only a job, and I really do not enjoy office politics.  As a matter of fact, I honestly enjoy my customers.  Because I used to work in accounts payable before (for a different company), I know the other side, and instead of threatening customers, and being nasty, I work with them, and help them resolving issues, and they very much rely on me and information I provide them to pay their invoices.  I am the only one in our department who handles accounts this way, and got many raises and awards for that.  But it's only a job in my head, and as always my family, friends, music, home, and lifestyle come #1.

In the past I did many different things for living:

Taught flight as my college job.  I had numerous students who actually got their private pilot licenses due to my training them.

Drove a school bus.  The big yellow IH.  Actually was rather fun job.

Drove a limo.

Worked as a product demonstrator in a grocery store.  I was demonstrating Jim Beam products.  (Hic!)

Sold cars, sold insurance, sold campground land.  Those were the worst jobs I had.  Especially selling insurance.  That was confusing and boring.  And I felt like I was taking those poor people's money, and only giving them a piece of paper in return.  And if the company would go under, that paper was not even soft enough for bathroom duty.

My dream job now is to be self employed.  To invest in a land.  Right now we bought 20 acres of land in Montana.  Hoping to build a home there in about 5-7 years, and if it re-zones and subdivides, sell part of it, and re-invest and purchase more.  I love wide open spaces, and nature, and mountains.  I would love to have a business or make a living that has do do with all that.

Another biz I thought of was maybe purchasing an old building right here in our home town, which was an old movie theater.  Re-open it, and show old classic movies.  Bring back the nostalgia of old-fashioned movies to our town.

I want to work for myself one of these days.  I feel the amount of effort and time I put in my job now, and the money I make for someone else, who doesn't give a damn about those working to make him rich.




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