Midnight Oil

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Fri, 30 May 2003 09:21:41 +0200

one of my mates loves the oils music but he just can't get into them because 
of Pete's voice. I think Petes voice has improved a lot over the years but has 
always had a special intensity about it!


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>Beth I just got my discs today and wanted to thank you. I haven't stopped
>listening to them since I got them. I really like some of the different
>versions of the songs like the spoken dead heart and a very musical version
>of progress. I love river runs red in only had one other live version, very
>rare indeed. I was pleasantly surprised to here bedlam bridge, I didn't know
>they ever did that song live. It came off very powerful, I always wondered
>how it would sound live.Also burnie came off great, I had never heard  that
>live except of course of scream.Well I'm sure I'm missing some, but those
>songs really stood out to me. Ah yes how could I forget lucky country, damm
>that song comes off powerful live. I have to admit though I really like the
>way peter voice sounds more in the late eighties to early nineties. I really
>feel like he added many more dimensions to his voice and the overall power
>and emotion comes off so much better. It  kind of disappointed me to here
>what rob implied and other workers implied  about petes voice. I mean lets
>get real, people did not get into midnight oil because of the sound of their
>music ,robs drumming or their harmonies. It was petes power that grasped
>everyone and made them listen to all the other great aspects of the band. I
>mean I love all aspects  of the band, but the first time I heard petes voice
>I was blown away and drawn to the band because of it. I doubt anyone would
>no who midnight oil is if it wasn't for Pete. Once you were sold on petes
>voice than you could really get into the rest of the band and how amazing
>they all are as individual musician especially when they come together.Sorry
>I had to vent a little.
>Anyway thanks again
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