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[Powderworks] Jim's singing

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Tue, 13 May 2003 20:12:57 -0400

I always think of Jim's decription of his own voice in a radio interview.  He called it a 'fragile beast.'  It is a great voice, just not powerful.  

Jill in Atlanta

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> Date: 2003/05/13 Tue AM 06:33:15 EDT
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> Subject: SV: [Powderworks] Jim's singing
> > Can anybody verify for me that Jim CAN sing well enough to 
> > sing lead? I've never heard the Fuzzface EP, so I don't even 
> > know if he sings on that, and I've never been able to pick 
> > him out in any of the MO songs, except that little bit of the 
> > FOTT remix of BSM - hardly a properly representative sample. - Beth
> Jim sings all four songs on the Fuzzface EP (and plays most of the
> instruments himself too), read about it here:
> http://www.krustyfries.com/fuzzface/
> Maybe the Fuzzface songs are available on any of the FTP servers?
> He also sings lead on the b-side "Smash the wobbleboard" (on the single
> "Underwater").
> You sure have got the 'Redneck Wonderland' album, and on that you can
> hear Jim sing the choruses of "Return to sender" and "Great gibber
> plain" (at least that's what I think...).
> He may not have such a good voice as Bones and Rob, but I definitely
> think it's good enough for lead vocals (although sometimes a little out
> of tune). Many rock bands have lead singers worse than Jim (one example:
> U2)!
> /Bjorn
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