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[Powderworks] PG a Christian??

Julian Shaw Julian Shaw" <julian@jlshaw.co.uk
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Can of worms...! :-)

No not surprising to me...depends on how broad your contact with Christians
has been. They come in all types...just like "normal" people...whoops of
course I forgot they are normal people...silly me!

I sometimes wonder if Pete has had to compromise the traditional Christian
views when he is confronted with, for example, the effects of trying to
convert the aborigines to Christianity. He seems to me to have a very
personal faith and so it is impossible to tell how he comes to terms with
the contradictions inherent in any religion (being a very intelligent man as
well). That said there are contradictions everywhere not just in religion
(in society for example), so I'm not criticising religion here!

Julian Lewis Shaw
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> I've heard others on the list, in past, express suprise that Pete is a
> Christian.
> Is it really that suprising?
> Alister
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