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[Powderworks] Statue of the Great Bald One is toppled in Powderworks Square

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I assumed it meant Pete had a room away from the street (quiet) while the
others had noisier (& presumably slightly cheaper?) rooms facing whatever
main road the hotel was on).


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> For those who have read Willie's, I remember something that really puzzled
me: when, in New York I think, Rob ends up with Peter's room because Pete is
sleeping somewhere else. Rob says something to the effect of enjoying or
being impressed by the great room and I wondered: "What does that mean,
don't they all have the same rooms? Is Pete staying in suites while the
others are not?" And I dismissed that idea as ludicrous. In view of the
recent backlash against Pete and his attitude/ego, could it be that he
indeed got better rooms? To me it's an absurd notion, how could a band get
along and stay together if there were such discrepencies?! And within
Midnight Oil?? No way.
> What is the Willie's readers opinion on this?
> Brigitte
> Brigitte
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