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[Powderworks] more on Peter and the Queen

Magnus Holmgren oznut@swipnet.se
Mon, 9 Jun 2003 19:39:54 +0200

from www.undercover.com.au (as usual):

Peter Garrett Honoured By Queen Elizabeth II

Former Midnight Oil lead singer Peter Garrett has been honoured by Queen Elizabeth II in her annual awards to great Australians.

Garrett is now a Member of the Order of Australia and will and from here on in will use the initial (AM) after his name.

The now retired singer has received the recognition not for his work in entertainment but as an environmentalist. Garrett is now President of the Australian Conservation Society.

During his 26 years as Midnight Oil's frontman, Garrett always used his profile to promote environmental issues. From 1989 - 1993, he first served as President of the Australian Conservation Foundation and then in 1993 joined the international board of Greenpeace.

In 2000, he received the Australian Humanitarian Award again for his work for the environment and in 2001 was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Letters by the University of New South Wales.

Today Garrett serves as an advisor and patron of the Jubilee Debt Relief and is a founding member of the Surfrider Association.

He resigned from Midnight Oil in December 2002 to concentrate fulltime of environmental issues and social concerns.

As for the possibility of a solo album, Garrett once told Undercover News he will "never record a solo album'. He said his music career was exclusive to Midnight Oil and without Midnight Oil, there was no more music career.

By Paul Cashmere