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[Powderworks] Continuing with the Band

Janice Coleman jec_coleman@hotmail.com
Tue, 10 Jun 2003 08:30:49 -0400

I have been reading a number of powderworkers' discussions about the band 
breaking up, etc.  Here are my thoughts:

For me, Peter Garrett is the frontman of the band.  No, he is not THE band, 
but he definately has a very unique voice which lets you know it's Midnight 
Oil as soon as you hear the voice.  You can't necessarily say that about the 
music -- for most any band for that matter.  Yes, the music has a distinct 
sound to it, but the voice is the most distinct. I know (as Midnight Oil is 
my favorite group) that I would recognize the music for the most part if I 
heard a new song and didn't know prior it was them, but the casual Midnight 
Oil listener probably wouldn't.  In fact, unless you are a musician, I think 
it's not so easy to tell style differences. Just my opinion.

I am happy that the band will play on, however, I feel it will not be the 
same without Peter.  I love Ghostwriters.  I think they have a unique sound 
themselves.  I  feel that the musicians in Midnight Oil are fantastic, 
talented and unique enough to play on, however, I don't feel they will be 
Midnight Oil anymore. So, maybe become something different and great in 
their own right.  Bones and Rob have great voices, so I am sure I will love 
the "new" band.  But, once again, it won't be the same band.

As for the people who said Peter was unfriendly, my experience with him 
proves otherwise.  He was extremely nice, he listened well, and he was very 
engaging.  Rob was the same.  In fact, they all were great.  I just have a 
special place in my heart for Peter.


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>Well, Rob and Jim are the backbone.....but I canīt imagine the Oils without
>Martin and his guitar fury on stage...and he has co-written great songs 
>Tin Legs, Written in the heart, Lucky Country, Scream in Blue, Weddingcake
>Island, Armistice day, Knifeīs Edge, Renaissance Man, Blue Sky Mine, Stand
>in Line...
>.....or without Bones great vocals....
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> > (wow two posts from me in a week after nearly none in years)
> >
> > I've been very intrigued and interested in people's thoughts regarding 
>post-PG version of the band and particularly David's comment on "what if
>someone else had left the band?" I'm still waiting arrival of Rob's book
>here in the States so I can't comment on being able to read between the
>lines. I do recall one show when prior to playing a cover, PG said it was
>one of the few "non-Hirst/Moginie compositions of the evening." After 20+
>years, it seems to me that everyone knew his role within the band.
> >
> > In light of the usual half-life of bands, that MO existed for 25 years 
>remarkable. I recall Justin Sullivan of New Model Army commenting after
>original drummer Rob Heaton left the group that being in a band makes you
>closer than brothers but not always friends. Perhaps that describes Rob's
>feeling when he wrote the book, and now during the press tour.
> >
> > I could see the band having continued to make music and call it Midnight
>Oil if someone other than PG left. He was the public's face for the band
>regardless of his songwriting contribution. To the vast, uninformed 
>(i.e. not we powderworkers), had Bones or Martin left, I could easily have
>seen the band continuing. How about REM? "If any of us leaves, it's not
>REM." Well, Bill Berry left two albums ago and they're still REM to most.
>Had it been Stipe, there wouldn't be an REM today.
> >
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