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[Powderworks] Our Music Diversity - Statistics!

Michael mbtigger at charter.net
Fri Dec 12 11:34:16 MST 2003

Looking through all the "Current Listening" Posts last week, I was amazed. So much music - so much of it from bands I am unfamilliar with! Well, We are a global group, and there is a lot of music out there I have never heard of. I also saw a lot of albums that I have been telling myself I should get. I also saw a lot of artists that I happen to have other albums from.

I Decided to see how much I have in common with other listeners. How much of thier current listening are albums that I actually OWN?  I own approximately 400 CD's and tapes (maybe 450  this point). Out of 27 people who responed, with 142 albums recently listented to (I might be off by one or 2 - and excluding myself). I personally own 22 of the albums listed. Duplicates WERE counted - because I was lazy - if 2 people listened to Oils Blue Meaninie - It still counted twice. 12 of the albums were non Oils. And the Biggest Winner - Beth Curran - I own 4 of the Last 5 albums she listed -  2 were oils and 2 were Mark Knopfler related, so it was not a big surprise...

What does this show? not a heck of a lot. There is a LOT of music out here, and I need to a lot more albums and a much larger CD storage device...


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