Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Re: Best of collection / Worst of collection

Vic Fieger vicfieger at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 12 11:02:43 MST 2003

If we're still talking about the "best of" collection,
i had planned out a 4-CD box set a while ago,... me
layout is here:

Probably should have made room for unreleased bits and
pieces, but its so hard to confine it to just 4 discs
(it's the freakin' Oils!)... maybe a fifth would be

As for my worst of... umm.....

01. Head over Heels
02. Profiteers
03. Wedding Cake Island
04. Written in the Heart
05. Scream in Blue
06. Harrisburg
07. Blossom and Blood
08. Whoah
09. Mountains of Burma
10. Outbreak of Love
11. Home
12. Return to Sender
13. Capricornia

and like many of ya, yes, many of these i don't
consider to be the 'worst', but just 'least favorite
on the album' (see parenthesesed comment above!)


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