Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Current listening

Pär Lydmark par.lydmark at kustobsar.st
Fri Dec 5 12:49:44 MST 2003

Ok, I'll throw in my latest five records as well:

Manu Chao - Radio Bemba
Oasis - Heathen chemistry
Dilated Peoples - Expansion team
Peter LeMarc - Det som håller oss vid liv
Blacksmoke - The war on the war on terror starts here (Post Terrorist
Modernism DIY EP available free from www.blacksmoke.org, ex-KLF member Jimmy
Cauty, really strange stuff :)

No Oils there obviously, but if I would extend it to the last ten records
there would be three Oily posts, since i listened to the RW album, King of
the mountain 3" single and No mans land single yesterday.

All the best