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[[Powderworks] Oils and Prog Rock]

ALEXEI alexeis at usa.net
Fri Dec 5 04:15:04 MST 2003

Personally, I never heard any other likenesses in the Oils' music (earlier
stage) than to Yes.  While others were regarding Blue Meanie as a punk record,
I was saying "much closer to prog rock" all along the way.
Hirst made me stronger in this belief of mine when he said in an interview
that they had done a lot of Yes covers at the outset of their career.

But while for many bands progressive rock remained the axis on which they 
rotated on and on and on, the Oils were rapidly and surely moving on to a
sound completely of their own...

"cathiejohn" <cathiejohn at optushome.com.au> wrote:

A shameful secret of mine is my devotion to the great prog bands of the 70's
onwards (Yes, King Crimson, Van der Graf Generator, Jethro Tull etc) and I
have always heard echoes of that style in the Oils music (particularly "10

Does anyone else here any link, or have I disappeared among my Cozmic Debris?

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