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[Powderworks] boycott American goods? NMOC...Summerfest 2003...

Timothy Towns towns@us.ibm.com
Mon, 14 Apr 2003 12:03:02 -0600

I like your advice.  It's important to tolerate and learn from those you
don't agree with.

Tim Towns

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I would suggest a general "corporation boycott" (ie of Exxon, Shell,
etc)...no point in attempting to punish the "civilians" of any country (US
and Iraq included).
Additional advice from the California "left-wing"...maintain comunication
with anyone who has an opinion in these issues...ESPECIALLY WITH THE ONES
WHO YOU DISAGREE WITH...this is how issues are eventually settled.

Powderpolitics has been quite active recently...

Changing the topic...are any PWers going to Summerfest 2003?...a new
Grateful Dead "remnant act" (just "The Dead" now...not as appealing of a
name as it used to be) will play there July 1st...and alot more acts to be
announced.  We could meet before the event...

Resuming disk copying...still have alot to do...alot going out this week...

David A. Brass
Arcata, California

Jérémie Mandonnet <jeremie.mandonnet@mnh.fr> wrote:
 and what about boycott of french products in the US??? (and maybe in
 "do not do with the others what you would not like that one makes you".
 sorry, cannot resist... ;o)

 Jeremie, a french guy who has lot of friends in the USA and who likes
 discussing and trading with them...
 Please come on, stop these topics on this list.
 If I remind well, there is a powderpolitics group on Yahoo... Go

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