Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Perth - Night 1/2

Jeff and Jane Scott jscott@iinet.net.au
Fri, 01 Nov 2002 15:24:13 +0800

G'day all

Metro Perth, 31/10/2002

Another great show from the boys last night.

I thought Sneak were pretty good, plenty of potential there.  Diesel went 
down very well - back in his hometown.  I guess I wasn't the only one there 
to be old enough to remember Johnny Diesel and the Injectors back in the 
80s!  Made a nice change to have a support act with some songs that 
everybody knew as well.  I don't exactly know where he's been the last few 
years, but it seems that he's back.

Onto the main business of the evening.  As the boys opened with Bullroarer, 
it was a bit of a shock to see that Jim apparently couldn't make it, and 
they had Alistair Nicholson filling in.  (AFL fans will get that one. Other 
Aussies think Ned Kelly, English think WG Grace, Americans think Grizzly Adams)

Highlights for me were Lucky Country (a semi-regular track I know, but the 
first time I've heard it live), the a capella vocal coda on Too Much 
Sunshine, and Stand In Line (added into the setlist thanks to some 
persistent sign-waving from the crowd - first time I've seen that one live 
too!).  And River Runs Red.  Hey, let's face it, every song is a highlight.

On all the live tapes I've heard over the past year or so, it has sounded 
as though A Crocodile Cries was not being played live, but was on tape as 
an intro to Mosquito March, so it was a great delight to see Jim playing 
this one - and a very long version of it too.

Jim was also seen to do a bit of a jump/skip at one point during King of 
the Mountain, so he must have been pretty excited.

Bones and Pete were having a great time, with quite a bit of interplay 
between the two throughout the show, including Bones giving Pete a big hug 
after Pete hurt his hand at the end of Stand In Line (I think), and Pete 
taking over the bass guitar for the finale of Dead Heart.

Pete also went into some sort of rap thing between Golden Age and Stand In 
Line, where it seemed that the rest of the band had absolutely no idea what 
he was doing or whether they were meant to join in.

And FINALLY after 18 years I managed to score a drumstick last night!!!  I 
had a great spot, front row between Pete and Bones.  Usually that's a good 
rib-bruising position, but last night there was plenty of room to move.  It 
wasn't until the encores that it got a bit tight, but even then nothing 
like as packed as I've experienced before.  I expect tonight will have a 
bigger crowd, so it might be a bit more intense at the front.

The setlist (from memory, noted down at 1.30 this morning when I got home - 
any resemblance to what was actually played and in what order may be 
totally coincidental):

Too Much Sunshine
Renaissance Man
Common Ground
Lucky Country
(Rob up front)
Luritja Way
Spirit Of The Age
Blue Sky Mine
Now Or Never Land
(Rob back to kit) (I got a touch on a drumstick here, but missed out)
A Crocodile Cries
Mosquito March
King Of The Mountain
River Runs Red
Golden Age
Stand In Line
Dead Heart
Dreamworld (Got my stick!)

The Real Thing
Redneck Wonderland
Beds Are Burning

This would be the first time ever I've seen them without a single song from 
10,9,8... being in the setlist, although that wasn't something I noticed 
until I wrote the list down.

Now I know all the Europeans are eagerly waiting for me to say I spoke to 
the band afterwards and found out the inside story on the cancelled tour, 
but I'm afraid I didn't.  I'll see how tonight goes (I don't have to go to 
work tomorrow, so I might hang around a while after the show).

I got some good comments from people on how great the Powderworks shirt is, 
but not (as far as I know) from any other Powderworkers.  Maybe tonight?

Night 2, here we come...