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[Powderworks] Tour ended...almost home

nina ninajill73@hotmail.com
Fri, 19 Jul 2002 10:18:27 -0500

i agree!

however, i also want to know how david was able to manage to get to all of
the shows???!! 

what's your secret? collected up all your sick days at work? you don't work,
but married into money? you don't work, but was born into money? c'mon,
how'd you do it??!



on 7/19/02 8:33 AM, Jonathan Hart at midnightoil@shaw.ca wrote:

> I think we should all send our thanks to David for his tireless work
> recording the shows!  It's a tough job, I'm sure, but somebody's got to
> do it! ;)
> Thanks David!  Here's hoping we'll see these on the FTP site at 160bps
> and 320bps.... :):):)
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> MD recordings of 7-8,7-9,&7-17 sound great. Strange scene last
> night(Orem,Utah 7-17)had low effect on result...Lucky Country, P&TP are
> awesome. I am totally exhausted but, already looking 4ward to the
> tour(?) coming in November!!!  David A. Brass (temp)Sacramento,
> California
> David A. Brass
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