Midnight Oil

FW: [Powderworks] Tour ended...almost home

Jonathan Hart midnightoil@shaw.ca
Fri, 19 Jul 2002 07:33:41 -0600

I think we should all send our thanks to David for his tireless work
recording the shows!  It's a tough job, I'm sure, but somebody's got to
do it! ;)

Thanks David!  Here's hoping we'll see these on the FTP site at 160bps
and 320bps.... :):):)

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MD recordings of 7-8,7-9,&7-17 sound great. Strange scene last
night(Orem,Utah 7-17)had low effect on result...Lucky Country, P&TP are
awesome. I am totally exhausted but, already looking 4ward to the
tour(?) coming in November!!!  David A. Brass (temp)Sacramento,

David A. Brass