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[Powderworks] NMOC...Yucca Mountain

Phil Laurie phil@itfutures.com.au
Fri, 12 Jul 2002 10:09:28 +1000

Come on now - we are talking about a country that passes a bill to ship
40,000 truck loads of nuclear waste across the country while it fights a war
on domestic terrorism! Where government policy is dictated by lobbyists and
campaign distributions! Where corporate criminals fiddle the books and cost
millions of citizens their life savings and get away with it (has Ken Lay
been arrested yet?)while some states reserve the right to exclude citizens
from voting because they have registered even the most minor of law

What a country - someone let us know when the social revolution is due to

Be careful though - Echelon is listening. Pity they weren't just before
September 11.

*Conspiracy theory - National Security Agency monitors Powderworks Mailing
List? No wonder Nina's company knows what she does on the weekend. ;-)

<Hey Lina,

This is just crazy. Have these people not heard of the First Amendment? Do
they tell you how to vote as well? Who do you work for anyways?

Cheers,                                  Dave>

>From: Lina Yune <midoil2001@yahoo.com.au>
>  And the worst of all is, that some companies (where I work is one good
>example) follow those "news", and I was actually "written up" yesterday for
>attending the Oils show in Milwaukee, and participating in anti-Yucca
>stuff.  My company said it was against their policy, and if I get written
>up for something like that again, I will be terminated.
>(the other 2 write ups are because I complained about the fork-lifts almost
>running people over in the hallway for a joke, which I didn't think was
>very funny one)