Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] NMOC...Yucca Mountain

Dave Schultz dschultz29@hotmail.com
Thu, 11 Jul 2002 17:13:01 -0400

Hey Lina,

This is just crazy. Have these people not heard of the First Amendment? Do 
they tell you how to vote as well? Who do you work for anyways?

Cheers,                                  Dave

>From: Lina Yune <midoil2001@yahoo.com.au>
>  And the worst of all is, that some companies (where I work is one good 
>example) follow those "news", and I was actually "written up" yesterday for 
>attending the Oils show in Milwaukee, and participating in anti-Yucca 
>stuff.  My company said it was against their policy, and if I get written 
>up for something like that again, I will be terminated.
>(the other 2 write ups are because I complained about the fork-lifts almost 
>running people over in the hallway for a joke, which I didn't think was 
>very funny one)

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