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[Powderworks] Oils In Chicago July 4th

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This was great! Thanks for sharing...


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> I had so much fun - fun show, great performance.  Lots of great
> often 4-part.  Was I delerious with heatstroke or did Martin sing a few
> words with Bones on one song?  I don't remember which song.  I'll blame
> on the high heat and humidity, but at least it wasn't raining.  I got
> about noon.  Maybe 20 people in front of me.  I got to hear half-hour
> check.   Four songs, I remember Lucky Country and Warakurna and opening to
> Redneck several times.  The line dwindled - people with extra tickets were
> giving them away to those at the head of the line.  The sponsors had been
> giving away tickets - just meant you got in the seating area between
1:30 -
> 2:30.  Then the line for those without tix would be let in.  About 2PM I
> the first in line and got a ticket.  Pavilion pretty full at the front,
> I walked around asking for a seat. A guy saving 2 seats for himself
> me a seat - 3rd row and right of middle section.  It was quite excellent.
> was really close!!!  I was so lucky!!!  And the 3 guys in that row were
> nice.  They had backstage wristbands and where supposed to get a pic taken
> with the band right after the show.  So they left before the encore to
> sure they were at the appointed place at the appointed time. I hope it
> worked out for them - they were very excited about it.  A few Oils fans
> St. Louis behind us and at least 4 more from parts unknown in the row in
> front of us. I think some of the band members got a kick out of us dancing
> around and singing along???
> Bones was sitting off to the left side of the stage for quite a while
> watching all the people come in.
> Peter was playful.  At one point he plucked a large pink bloom from the
> flower box at front of the stage and put it behind his right ear.  The
> petals began to fall off and he laughed and shrugged his shoulders.  He
> go into a lengthy speech about the transport and dumping of nuclear waste
> and specifically in our area. At one point I believe he said God Damn.  I
> wonder if that was broadcast or if the station was in commercial mode.  I
> don't think they broadcast with a few seconds delay so it couldn't have
> bleeped. It was unbelievable when he jumped off stage, put his fingers to
> his lips ssshhhing us, ran all the way back to the sound booth and climbed
> on top.  What a sight, with that long sleeve red shirt, arms waving
> frantically.  I didn't hear about the first third of The Dead Heart, but
> then the sound kicked in.  Most of the crowd stood on their chairs and had
> their backs to the band.  I kept looking back at the band - steadfastly
> playing on, but chuckling a bit.
> Truganini (my fav) was the best I ever heard.  We got Put Down That Weapon
> and Lucky Country - more treats from the Capricornia tours.  Seemed a very
> high level of concentration from all the guys, but entire band seemed to
> having fun. Lots of interaction and smiles amongst themselves. Tons of
> smiles for the audience, especially from Rob.  Got three or so of those
> forward hops from Jim, numerous smiles and waves to the audience as he
> stage after set and encore.  Martin, what can I say, he was on fire the
> entire show - totally awesome performance IMHO.
> After the show I waited where the performers come out to the buses and
> they can come up the stairs to chat and sign stuff. Unfortunately most of
> the space was taken up by the mobile sound truck.  There was a small group
> with backstage wristbands actually in the outside VIP area down below.
> surrounded the band pretty much when they came out. Peter seemed to be
> getting the most attention.  Probably because he was interacting the most
> with the small crowd. He was in a great mood.  I didn't see any autographs
> being signed buy anyone, but I could be wrong. I'm sure they were
> from the heat and show and an hour of meet and greet downstairs in the
> Pavilion. Bones did came up the stairs to sign a photo.  A guy was with
> little boy and the pic was a beautiful color 8x10 he had taken of Bones
> the boy standing in front of Bones.  Then the little boy was waving a
> drumstick and Rob came over to sign the drumstick.  Nice gestures.  But
> they took off quickly to get in the van. Oh, I went up front at the show
> took 3 photos with flash.  I hope I didn't annoy them, ooohhh.  The
> overhang made it shady so I thought I needed the flash.
> Everyone enjoy the rest of the shows.
> Cynthia
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