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[Powderworks] Change the Track Order

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Poets a let down?  Poets and Slaves lovers unite!  This is the latest of the
Oils' Great Epic Songs.  Jimmy Sharman's Boxers, Once Country and Poets and
Slaves.  If you want to talk last song let downs...how about Drop in the


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Funny, I feel the exact same way.  I will have to try your new track order
and see if it works for me.  I too feel "Poets" is a bit of a let down to
close out the album, and the first 5 songs are all so strong they kind of
get a big head of steam up that dies down a little in the 2nd half.
--Glitch Baby

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> "R. B. Norton" wrote:
>> I agree!  Luritja Way and Tone Poem...an amazing one-two punch.  I also
>> think that Poets & Slaves is one of the best finishes out of all the
>> albums (Now or Never Land and Antarctica are up there).
>> Brian
> Uh-oh, my next post was going to tell about how the album is better if
> you change the track order.
> I don't like Poets and Slaves as the last song (the song is my least
> on the album), and I find the album too strong in the first half, so I
> up with this order:
> Side 1:
> Poets and Slaves
> Mosquito March
> Capricornia
> Too Much Sunshine
> Golden Age
> A Crocodile Cries
> Side 2:
> Been Away too Long
> Luritja Way
> Tone Poem
> Say Your Prayers
> World that I See
> Under the Overpass
> Now Under the Overpass is a great way to conclude an album.  And having
> Poets and Slaves first works well for me, because I find myself not
> the end of the album, but rather looking forward to what is to come.
> and Slaves' repositioning on the album has made me like it more.  It kind
> of reminds me of the beginning of a play where a chorus comes and talks
> to the audience.
> Change the track order.  It's fun!
> -Jim
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