Midnight Oil

SV: SV: [Powderworks] "kiss that girl" for everyone

Bjorn Blomquist bjorn.blomquist@mbox301.swipnet.se
Fri, 6 Dec 2002 11:50:21 +0100

It's kind of ironic that the last(?) new song Midnight Oil releases, has
such an "un-Oily" title. Maybe that's why Garrett left, to not be
associated with a song named "Kiss that girl"! ;-)

Anyway, I wonder why it is called "Version for Europe" if there is no
other version? Shouldn't there be a "Version for Australia" somewhere
too... "Bonus track for Europe" would have been more fitting.


> >Last, indeed... Not THAT magic this song though, and I had >never 
> >expected such a title from the Oils!
> Don't say that for sure! I also felt like it wasn't that 
> magic when I first heard it a week ago, but it really grows 
> on you and now I really like it! But I agree with you on the title...