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A great accompanying photo (the one with other band members reflected in
Pete's ray bans) also, in retrospect.  As for the discography ("Stacks of
wax..") - well what an awesome set of releases!

"Let it go, let it go."
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>I reckon little Johnny Howard & his conservative cronies will be shaking in
>their boots now that PG has a lot more time on his hands all of a
>Garrett's new gig a mystery
>By Bernard Zuel and Stephanie Peatling
>December 4 2002
>All the world's a stage ... insiders say that given his global outlook,
>Peter Garrett will probably aim for federal politics.
>The death of a rock band doesn't normally get federal and state parliaments
>buzzing with speculation and gossip. But then Midnight Oil is no normal
>It was announced yesterday that Peter Garrett, Midnight Oil's lead singer,
>was quitting the band after 25 years to "immerse myself in those things
>which are of deep concern to me and which I have been unable to fully apply
>myself to up to now".
>By mid-morning it was political reporters rather than music writers asking
>what this meant, with interest in whether Garrett, one-time Senate
>for the Nuclear Disarmament Party, former Greenpeace board member and
>current president of the Australian Conservation Foundation, was
>a political career.
>The Greens, still on a high after their performance in the Victorian
>election at the weekend, were considered the most likely party but Greens
>Senator Bob Brown said "everyone's been calling me about Peter except
>Although Garrett is not a member of the party, Senator Brown said he felt
>"Peter's already in the fold as far as I'm concerned".
>However, one associate of Garrett's said if the singer was to seek a career
>in politics, it would be more likely to be at a federal rather than a state
>"His perspective has always been more national and global than local," the
>associate said. "His philosophy is very much a Greens philosophy but he is
>also very pragmatic."
>A federal Labor staffer said the ALP had so far received no signs of
>interest from Garrett but his presence in the party room would be
>After posting the announcement on its website, the band went to ground
>yesterday, all phones switched off and interviews refused. Although it
>Midnight Oil is over, the rest of the band members said they would
>making music together in another guise at some point".
>Midnight Oil was one of the biggest bands to come out of Australia's
>underground scene of the 1970s. Coinciding with but never really part of
>punk movement - its members could play too well to be considered punks -
>Midnight Oil formed in 1976, releasing a self-titled debut album two years
>Never a noted singer, Garrett, an articulate law graduate, was immediately
>the band's focal point. Towering over two metres, his blond hair shorn to
>reveal a head full of angles and edges, much like his dancing style on
>stage, he delivered songs that addressed land rights, nuclear disarmament,
>corporate greed and the rise of Hansonism.
>Although its lyrics tackled Australian themes in an unmistakably Australian
>manner, in the late '80s and early '90s Midnight Oil was a top 10 band
>around the world, competing with INXS, Crowded House and Men At Work as the
>country's biggest musical export.
>Its total album sales approached 12 million and although there was the
>occasional hiatus, the band continued recording (its 12th album was
>earlier this year) and performing including an American tour a few months
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