Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Live recording from 1983

Mandonnet Jeremie jeremie.mandonnet@mnh.fr
Tue, 06 Aug 2002 17:56:34 +0200

Eh eh, you seem to have a longer version than mine... (and maybe other people?)
My copy stops after Armistice day! So just 45 min long...
DJ commentary are cut on my CD.
We are talking about the same show, but not the same source! ;o)

"Chris W. Rea" a écrit :

> On Tue, 6 Aug 2002, Mandonnet Jeremie wrote:
> > This show is well known as "Live in Toronto 84" on the list.
> > The exact date is still a mystery (83 or 84?).
> > It's a quite nice record, a little bit short I think.
> Short?  There's 13 tracks that I can count...  Outside World, Knife's Edge,
> Run By Night, U.S. Forces, Short Memory, No Time For Games, Somebody's Trying
> To Tell Me Something, Tin Legs And Tin Mines, Stand In Line, Armistice Day,
> Power And The Passion, Scream In Blue, Koala Sprint... plus Peter's rants in
> between.  Is this the same one you're thinking of?
> > I've tried to get more infos about this with no result.
> > Maybe TheOilman can help us.
> > Jeremie.
> > ps: I remember Todd that you told me you doubt about the venue of The Oils that
> > year in Toronto, do you still?
> There's a radio guy talking just before No Time For Games saying "You're
> listening to Midnight Oil, down live at the El Macombo on CHUM-FM".
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