Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Chicago shows and detailed postings

Pew117@aol.com Pew117@aol.com
Mon, 29 Apr 2002 23:40:54 EDT

Thanks to everyone for the wonderfully detailed show descriptions, along with 
your personal experiences. I have to say this is the most entertaining list I 
have subscribed to in a very long time!

The "no photo" policy must go back a long time. At my first Oils show in 
September, 1990 (Urbana, IL), I must say we were all rather shocked when 
Peter Garrett suddenly went flying off the stage into the crowd after some 
guy with a camera -- and it was only the first song! ("King of The 
Mountain"). Wow. He did come back, told us that was not a usual occurrence, 
and went on with the show. We even got the cover of "Peace, Love and 

Looking forward to the Thursday 5/2 HOB show in Chicago - anyone going to be 
there? It's a late one, but I can't wait until it gets here! Safe travel to 
all of you and have a good week!

Jennifer Gallas
Peoria, IL USA