Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] VT show, photo policy

Jeff Emidy balki@webgather.com
Mon, 29 Apr 2002 22:53:17 -0400

   A little more on the apparent photo policy:

   At both the Mercury Lounge show years back and the Nov 2001 Boston 
show, I took photos and didn't get any notice until the stupid flash on 
that freakin' cardboard camera wouldn't stop going off.  Then I got a 
comment from security (this was in Boston).

   Note to other workers: Don't use your flash. The photos come out 
really really cool without the flash, the lighting shows up, it doesn't 
anger anyone (including other fans), and your flash range is probably 
only about 10 feet anyway - less than the distance to Peter's head, 
unless he's lying down (or so it seems).

   In VT, they were trying to be hardcore on cameras - of course, 
everyone was using their flashes, it was like the Oscars or something. 
I may have been noticed by Peter as I prepped to take a shot - he kind 
of either posed or glared at me, but it wasn't the shot I wanted, so I 
didn't take it. Then again, the guy next to me with the digital camera 
had already taken about 6 flash shots (I think this was during the 
second song), so PG may have been glaring at him.  This guy was later 
warned by the security guy who stood in front of Jess, that if he took 
another shot he was out. -Are you out there camera guy? looked like you 
got some good shots.

   Also, there was a guy spotting cameras from the "balcony" and 
alerting the security guys.  This was the big guy with the skinny little 
black rimmed glasses.

   One more thing: did anyone notice that there was a big, bald, sort of 
Peter-esque bouncer and some guy roaming around who looked like Bones? I 
thought for a while that we were going to see a cover band.

   Nice to see you again Grunion, Jon & Sena, Jess, and the new folk, 
camper people, Birmingham hoodie guy, et al.

   And to the guy who went on stage after drumsticks: you angered the 
roadie enough that he gave sticks to anyone who asked and gave me Rob's 
setlist. Thanks a heap! Patience is a virtue.