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[Powderworks] Finally a Philly show!!

Mitchega@aol.com Mitchega@aol.com
Thu, 25 Apr 2002 16:12:41 -0400

As it has already been mentioned, the Oils will be a the Trocadero.  I went to the show at TLA last November and found a great underground parking lot close by and an even a better, a Philly Cheese Steak place right accross the street.

Can anyone tell us some details about the Trocadero, such as parking and getting a good Cheese Steak sub near by.  

Looking forward to seeing the Oils one more time.  Never know when it will be the last time we get the chance to see them here in the US.  Don't want that day to come but we all know it has to come some time.

Saw them at the the recent 930 Club show in DC.  What a an unbelievable show.  One thing, am I the only one who would rather Oils fans didn't sing every Oils Classic as loud as they can.  So loud you can't even hear Peter or the rest of the group.  I know most words to many of their songs but when I see them live I really love to actually hear them sing the words.  Now I'm not saying just stand there like a stiff and not get into it.  Hope I'm not sounding like a complete bore, because I'm in there jumping a screeming along with the rest, just not through out the entire song.

O'h well, hope I don't get slammed to hard.  I'm really curious to see if anyone else feels the same.
Thanks, later Art
In a message dated Wed, 24 Apr 2002  6:03:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time, "Anne Pedersen" <aepedersen@sheller.com> writes:

>Official site says 5/23, location "tba"
>The electric factory is free that night, as is the Keswick....
>TLA already booked.
>Tower is available; is it too big??
>Any other venues?