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[Powderworks] Midnight Oil Essay and Review

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I would like to give my congratulations for such an excellent piece of
writing.  This has to be the best piece written of the Midnight Oil story so
far.  Great work.

Rock on!


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Hey everyone.  I wrote a piece on Midnight Oil for my
brother's Internet magazine, Erasing Clouds.  It talks
about Capricornia, their history, and just some
overall thoughts on why I'm such a fan.  If you'd like
to check it out, the link is:


I'm interested in hearing what you all think about it.
I tried to get all the facts right, but there may be a
few mistakes in years and such. 

Also, my brother wrote a brief review of Capricornia. 
He's much more objective and not a crazy fan, so it's
an interested read.  Its link is at:




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