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[Powderworks] Re:Deep Purple singers

Mathias Hermansson hermanator51@hotmail.com
Thu, 04 Apr 2002 10:05:53

>BTW, does anyone else here know the excellent www.allmusic.com ? Has
>practically everything you could want to know about practically every 
>practically everywhere. Hardly a day goes by I don't look something up on
>it. (Though my source on the above was again the Rolling Stone R'n'R
>Encyclopedia.) I can't believe I gotta be up in 5 hours. Must go to bed.

On this subject, as I have noticed that there are quite a few fans of 
progressive rock music on this list, I can recommend GEPR (ie "The Gibraltar 
Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock") which is found at www.gepr.net

You'll find everything there about unknown artists who play music which 
suits in quite well in this rather narrow path of symphonic music! Love it!


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