Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] who put the 'why' in Wyong?

lou loulou@zip.com.au
Mon, 01 Oct 2001 02:26:56 +1000

who cares? :)

mmm good gig....are you surprised?

still think Palladium are prolly the best support for the Oils I've seen in
a few years now. definitely good stuff. Broken Arrows are good at what they
do, but I'm not that fond of country...

actually it started out a little weird...like they weren't quite firing,
but then neither were the audience...peter made some comment on it and
blamed it on the grand final...everyone warmed up after a while, of course
some yobs came along to be utter gits, although a couple of them had tatty
and vaguely amusing/disconcerting wigs to break the monotony that is

Ms Fries forgot her earplugs - maybe now she can appreciate the ample
volume of her screaming now she has subjected herself to it ;)
unfortunately all offers of gaffer tape, textas and makeup applicators as a
means of substitution were inadequate...well, I tried...

set list::

too much sunshine
capricornia (misquoted by the Fries as 'magic carpet'...scans well!)
short memory
luritja (bring back the harmony!)
blue sky
say your prayers
golden age
dead heart
king of the mountain
forgotten years
read about it

tone pome (have I mentioned the funky riff?)
generals (the supa funked-up mix...excellent)
herculoids...I mean hercules :)

the little encore who couldn't (they went overtime dammit)::
whats so funny...

anyway, tired now, must fall down go boom.

over, under, inside and out,